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Our Story


We have always wanted to have a place in the country where we could raise our family and live off the land as much as possible. After we found five acres in Early, Texas we knew this is where we could start to build upon our dreams. We started with just a few meat goats, then slowly began adding milk goats to our herd and enjoyed being able to get fresh milk each morning. We love the versatility of goat milk and the many health benefits it offers. It has been so fun experimenting with different cheeses, bath products and even candy. In the process, we've established a small business and are excited to be offering them to family and friends. Please contact us with any questions you may have at




One of the reasons we are very passionate about our products is because we know exactly where many of our ingredients are coming from. Our Nubian goats produce incredibly rich goat milk which we are able to use a base ingredient in many of our products. We also include a large amount of shea butter which we are fortunate to source directly from women who process it in the villages of Ghana, W. Africa. It truly is some of the freshest shea butter available and when combined with our raw goat milk from the farm, we are able to produce incredibly luxurious and nutrient rich skin care options.